This website is for students, colleagues, and everybody else who desire to learn about the American past. I specialize in modern United States history. My specialization has not narrowed my quest for historical knowledge. U.S. history has unfolded in the context of a broader and deeper world. My obligation and purpose is to understand – to the best of my ability – the global dimensions of the United States.

I use my secondary interests in Soviet, modern Chinese, Atlantic and World intellectual history to add dynamic to my subjects within the classroom, online, and in my research. The lectures, academic projects, and the digital archives I have incorporated within this site reflect these interests. I graduated from FIU, 2010, with a PhD in history. From 2008 to 2010 I worked as a visiting instructor of history for St. Thomas University. During 2011 MTSU hired me as a visiting assistant professor teaching history online.

My research interests concentrate on common subjects – popular culture as millions of Americans experienced it through movies, songs, cartoons, novels, and fashion. I intend to understand specifically the mechanics of popular culture during the Cold War. Popular culture was where intellectual freedom appeared to exist in greatest quantities but also where authorities appeared to manipulate and diminish intellectual freedom easiest.




In the years that American-Democracy battled Bolshevik-Communism freedom of expression served as a weapon in the arsenal of a United States intelligentsia advocating a "cooperation of power" internationally. U.S. ideological victory in the Cold War was a consequence of its institutions having sufficient elasticity to allow radical anti-American ideas to orbit it. The heart of this open-mindedness was popular culture. It drew enemies voluntarily under the surveillance of American authority and disarmed them of their ideological weapons. The end to this ongoing research is to better understand how popular culture related to politics domestically and internationally. What it taught and did not the millions of people entertained by it about their world.